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Creating Impact Through Nonprofit and Funder Collaboration


Foundations and nonprofits explain how collaborative relationships, which go beyond mere grantmaking, ultimately result in stronger impact in communities. Panelists will share thoughts on the rationale behind their collaborations, how they make these partnerships work, what challenges they have faced along the way, and the results they’ve seen from their efforts together.



Online Classes


How to Connect Your Work to the Sustainable Development Goals

Recorded Webinar  |  Free

The United Nation’s recent adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serves as a uniquely valuable opportunity for philanthropy, nonprofit, and civil society to fight extreme poverty, end inequality, and fix climate change across the world. If we want to have a chance at achieving these goals of a more equitable and sustainable world, we'll need your help because of the unique role you play in the social sector.

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Can Collaborative Fundraising Work for You?

Aug 24, 2012  

This Q&A explores the benefits of collaborative fundraising arrangements between organizations and features Jonathan Howard (Cause & Effect) and Jeffrey Ouellette (Central Square Theater).

Understanding Nonprofit Collaboration

Mar 23, 2011  

Jo DeBolt of LaPiana Consulting and Lindsay Hanson of Grassroots Solutions discuss how nonprofits are collaborating for good.

Training Events


Be a Rock Star at Work: 3 steps to get the recognition that you deserve

Mar 29, 2018, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Atlanta, Georgia | In-person

Be a Rock Star at Work: 3 steps to get the recognition that you deserve

You work hard and are a great asset to your organization. Why don’t others see that as clearly as you do? Do you struggle to gain the attention, accolades, and support that you deserve at work? Please join us to discover how your strengths and values shine in the work that you do, identify the thought patterns that get you recognized vs. the ones that are blocking the recognition that you deserve, and explore ways to use your influence to make a larger positive impact!


Online Video Master Class. “DON’T TELL ME, SHOW ME!” (LEVEL I).

Apr 27, 2018, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

More than ever your organization’s video marketing is the most powerful way to demonstrate your connection to your community, the efforts you are making toward accomplishing your mission, and the impact you are having. Being engaged with videos will reach your funders, donors and volunteers in a deeper and more committed way that illustrates your cause.