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Philanthropy Chat: Global Fund for Children


Victoria Dunning, Vice President for Programs at the Global Fund for Children, outlines the Fund’s view of what children need to succeed: learning, safe places, a healthy mind and body, and enterprise (life and workplace skills).

Philanthropy Chat: Samin Dadelahi on Collaboration


Samin Dadelahi, senior program officer at the Wyoming Community Foundation, discusses her experience and involvement with the strategic collaboration of the Wyoming Afterschool Alliance.

Philanthropy Chat: Jeanna Capito on Collaboration


Jeanna Capito, founding Executive Director of a county-wide early childhood collaborative system, Positive Parenting DuPage, talks about how her organization is actually a collaboration itself, with over 150 partner organizations.

Philanthropy Chat: Pam Seamans on Collaboration


Pam Seamans, Executive Director at North Carolina Alliance for Health, talks about collaborative work around policy issues.

Philanthropy Chat: Jennifer Vollmann on Collaboration


Jennifer Vollmann, Executive Director at New Global Citizens, talks about how her organization started out as Youth Re:Action Corps in Tempe, Arizona, and Youth Philanthropy Worldwide in San Francisco, California.

Philanthropy Chat: Danette Knudson on Collaboration


Danette Knudson, Director of Centers for Student Success at NELA, talks about how her organization's role as member of the Washington Scholarship Coalition's steering committee.